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, the american society for reproductive medicine stopped categorizing the technology as experimental. but doctors remain concerned. they're worried that women will have kids too late in life, risking complications. other critics argue that egg freezing will lead to gene selection. mothers will choose not only when to have a baby but what kind of baby to have. is this is cop out, for last face it, well to do career women? you're not going to have a woman poor spending 50 grand to freeze her eggs? >> no. well as someone in their upper 30's now and looking at -- you know i'm not married yes, he did and i would like to have a family, this is something i might say hmm, if i would have known about this in my 20s and could afford it, may not be a bad idea. i do see the ethical part of it and i also see if, do you want to change god's planned in this life, it seems like that's the natural slip le slope as it becomes more cost-effective but overall i can understand that because as a kingal woman and getting up there in agend you think about that biological clock and i read some of the stories where the wo
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1